Motorsport Services

motopro is the largest motorsport signage contractor in Europe with over 20 years experience. In that time we have worked with FIM, WSBK, MotoGP, BTCC, BSB, SRO, A1GP and Superleague Formula.

We specialise in providing a complete service from design, planning, production and transportation of circuit signage to onsite sign production during events.

For teams we can provide all of their branding needs from garage flooring to pit perches and transporter wrapping.

Our media analysis department monitors broadcasts and creates reports which are thorough yet easy to understand.

Sign Layout & Planning

Our experience of circuit layouts plus unique relationships with both TV production and series commercial management means we are highly skilled in sign material selection and placement to ensure maximum exposure for all branding.

We always have a presence at pre-event camera survey's and use stills and video footage to record optimum sign positions for future reference.

Our Technology & Design department produce sign planning documents which vary from a simple map of the circuit to a complete interactive document containing hyperlinks and video footage. These plans can be distributed via email or accessed on the internet from our series specific server space.

Sign Production

motopro have vast experience of supplying a wide array of signage from a basic banner to large format Landmark signs.

We have experience using PVC, Plywood, Correx, Dibond, Foamex, Aluminium, Mesh, Cloth and numerous other substrates.

All products are sourced using our wide knowledge of the UK print market and our own suppliers in the Far East. These skills enable us to react extremely quickly from our UK supplier chain and, via our Far East network, to pass on enormous savings on print that has a longer lead time.

To back up this service we have an artwork studio which can deliver print ready artwork and create any bespoke design.

Signage Styles

Circuit signage can be split into two distinct groups:

One-Off Signage
Appears at a circuit for a specific event and is then removed. It is designed for prestigious Championships with many marketing partners, whose signs are moved from venue to venue.

Annual Signage
Is fixed to a specific location / venue for multiple events, and is suitable for motor racing circuits and any form of arena based venue.

Onsite Sign Shop

In our experience signs are often the last thing people think about yet they are extremely important for an any event.

At larger events motopro operate a portable sign shop with construction and remote design capability where we can produce cut vinyl signage at a moments notice.

Our fully equiped onsite sign shop is manned by skilled carpenters, artists, IT experts and sign writers.

Event organisers, teams and venues all find this service extremely useful to cover last minute requirements.

Team Branding Support

We can provide team branding support to any team, encompassing a full vehicle wrapping service (race cars, trucks and support vehicles), plus supply and branding of:

  • Pit Perches
  • Garage Dressing Panels
  • Garage Flooring Tiles
  • Flags
  • Grid Lollipops
  • Paddock Dressing
  • Paddock Display Systems
  • Interview backdrops

...and all sponsor trackside signage.

Media Services

From the outset motopro has had an in house media analysis and reporting capability.

We have worked exclusively for a number of agencies covering sports as diverse as Cricket, Football, Rugby, Swimming, Table Tennis and Rallying but primarily report on the exposure received from circuit signage and racing car branding.

Our service can prove invaluable in showing sponsorship investors the level of return they are achieving from media exposure alone.

Client Examples

We have managed the signage for the British Touring Car and British Superbike Championships for many seasons and more recently have been appointed the official signage contractor for A1GP and Superleague Formula.

We also provide signage support to various motor racing circuits within the UK both on and off track.

We have worked with Cricket, Football and Rugby stadia and fully understand the different skills that are required to deliver a cost effective, efficient, reliable and safe service that maximises brand exposure for series sponsors whatever the sporting event.

To the left you find links to client examples.

British Superbikes

motopro have been BSB's official signage contractor for over 16 years.

We manufacture all trackside signage, including moveable trackside units, podium backdrops with series specific inserts, custom structures and interview backdrops.

In liaison with the series organisers our design department produces pre and post event sign plans and from these the event team erect all signage and help with podium management during the event.

British Touring Cars

motopro have been the BTCC's official signage contractor for over 16 years.

We manufacture all trackside signage, including moveable trackside units and provide interview backdrops.

Our event team liaise directly with the TV production company and monitor historical TV footage to ensure that all signs are erected to maximise brand exposure.

We are also contracted to produce a comprehensive Media Analysis report per event for the largest BTCC team which itemises the exposure each of their sponsors receives from television and compares this to the exposure received by their direct competitors.

Superleague Formula

Since its inception Superleague Formula contracted motopro to be their official signage partner.

We supplied all printed material including trackside signage, garage decoration and flooring, race car and truck wrapping, podium and media backdrops, hospitality signage, parc ferme decoration and manufacture of grid 'lollipops' and team pit perches.

Our Technology department also created pre-event sign plans using our own copyrighted templates which automatically calculate material usage and help manage sign allocation.

Our Event Team complete with Onsite Sign Shop was present at every SF round to fulfill all their signage requirements.


Since its inception motopro was A1GP's official signage contractor.

We supplied all printed material including trackside signage, garage decoration, podium and media backdrops, hospitality signage, parc ferme decoration and manufacture grid 'lollipops'.

Our Technology department created and hosted a dedicated signage support website for the distribution of detailed fully interactive trackside signage planning documents.

Our Event Management Team liaised with local suppliers and utilised local labour wherever possible to maintain quality of service at a cost effective price for this global series.