Stadium Branding

Whilst primarily a company associated with motorsport branding, our expertise extends into the stadium and arena markets.

Our partner company Infield 3D Advertising holds patents on grass painting techniques and the application of psuedo 3D branding onto flat surfaces - a technique often used in Football, Rugby and Cricket.

Along with conventional fixed signage we can also provide LED 'Moving Image' signage, technology which is currently used across the globe.

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LED Perimeter Signs

At the pinnacle of stadium perimeter branding LED 'Moving Image' signs provide instant, infinite, adjustability.

Once the system is installed any branding can be displayed and animated or changed to a different brand, by a few simple mouse clicks.

A group of sponsors exposure can be managed realtime to ensure contractual requirements are met and the animation of the brand transitions increases the viewers awareness of the brand much more than any static sign could achieve.

Following stadium safety guidelines, the LED sign units are mounted on a retractable platform which disappears into the ground within a few seconds to enable the evacuation of grandstand areas.

Fixed Perimeter Signs

motopro have production partners all over the world and can provide perimeter signage for any market.

The longest single sign run we have produced is 8km!

We are experienced in the design, production and implementation of all solid substrates including Correx, Foamex and Marine Ply for signs which are temporary, require close up clarity or a long life in all weathers.

Whatever your requirement for fixed perimeter signage motopro can provide a complete service, providing design support, manufacturing, delivery, placement, erection and maintenance.

Directional Signage

At motopro we offer a full directional sign design and implementation service from initial site survey and consultation of a venues precise requirements all the way through to production and installation wether temporary or permanent.

Our services include the design, production and erection of all permanent on-site directional signs supplemented by temporary, moveable, directional sign towers at larger events to manage both crowd and traffic flow.

Directional signs are designed using modular systems, which enable sign elements to be re-arranged to allow for changes in the layout of a venue for specific events.

Grass Painting

The largest sign 'canvas' at most stadia is the grass playing surface.

Any branding which is to be applied to the grass must:

  • Provide a clear image
  • Be completely removeable
  • Not damage the turf in any way

All our grass painting products are provided by our production partner Linemark UK Ltd. which provides world leading, patented materials which are approved for use at all major stadia.

Their products even contain nutrients to ensure the grass is as healthy if not healthier than before application and removal of any painted logo's!

3D Branding

motopro can offer a patented 3D system which creates the optical illusion that flat-on-the-floor branding is actually a conventional free standing sign.

This innovative form of advertising brings your corporate identity to the forefront of the action.

Advertising can even be placed on the playing surface, delivering the same quality image right in the thick of the action.

We utilise three systems of 3D sign,

  • UltiPaintTM
  • UltiMatTM
  • UltiWedgeTM

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UltiPaintTM technology allows us to paint an image directly on to the playing surface so the brand is consistently in the centre of the action.

UltiPaintTM can be removed using a specially developed and accredited paint removal system as soon as the game is finished, making it ideal for joint sport venues.


A system ideal for pitch branding, your message is printed on a mat and positioned precisely to look stood up in front of the TV camera.

With the exception of sports such as Cricket the UltiMatTM product is generally placed outside the playing area.

This system provides all the brand exposure features and 3D look of UltiPaintTM, however it has the added benefits of being re-usable at the same venue, thus reducing costs plus can be positioned and completely removed in a very short period of time.


A patented system which maximises branding exposure in a minimal space, where previously ground projected branding was not an option.

The UltiWedgeTM is a 2D image applied to a slightly raised wedge and angled to the main viewing camera.

The perspective size of the image can be increased by up to 300% in comparison with a standard 3D image.

This is achieved without compromising safety requirements or spectator visibility.

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